February 2022 e-Newsletter

Hi Folks
As I write this we are halfway through the shortest month of the year and despite the cold weather, spring does seem to be glimpsed here and there. For understandable reasons attendances at the RBL haven’t returned to the dizzy heights of pre covid days. We are averaging around 50 members. Glenn is, as normal, providing us with the usual range of high quality speakers. This month our speaker was so enthusiastic that our ace recordist, Tom ran out of ‘tape’ or whatever the digital equivalent is, and we did not secure a U Tube version of the event. No substitute for being there I suppose. Another bonus of attendance is put yourself within reach of a glittering array of raffle prizes overseen by our club President Lyn and hill climbing legend Malcolm.
If you are just posting your renewal form to Lynne, it may take a little longer to process. Also If you haven’t yet renewed, this will unfortunately be your last newsletter. Lynne has passed on to me the completed membership cards for distribution at our RBL club nights. If you would like your membership card posting, then a SAE is required.
For reasons too complicated to go into, the dates of a couple of club events have had to be rescheduled. The changes are given later in the newsletter. Lastly we are looking into the possibility of having a May Ball as a replacement for our cancelled Christmas Dinner. If you would be interested in going, could you let me know please.

As well as our regular report of this months RBL talk, we have articles from two of our regular contributors. From the
New Forest we have David Fisher, and from rural France Toulouse le Plot alias Barry Lockyer formerly of Hedge End. The car show season is not yet upon us, but Ron H has been looking into the future and you may want to put some dates on your calendar or even book your tickets. Details are given later.

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