November 2021 e-Newsletter

From the Chairmans Desk

Hi Folks

The clocks may have gone back, but as ever TVME goes forward. Most of my activity last month was preparing for our first AGM in two years, and at work, trying to remember the names of the new batch of 1st year students. On the classic car front, the front seats (well really the front drivers seat) are starting to show their age, much like its owner. These are going to be refurbish later this month. So I had to dig out the spanners and remove the seats. They un- bolt from underneath the car, after removing some rather ancient rubber grommets. Once the seats were out, the hardest part was coming up with a temporary drivers seat in order to put the car back in the garage. In the end the base of the rear seat and some wood produced a wobbly platform that I could sit on to get the car under cover again.

For those of you who couldn’t make to the AGM there is a report that outlines the main details. Next month we have our December Quiz to look forward to. Until then drive safely now the darker evenings are with us.

Stay safe driving in these dark evenings.

Editors Blurb

For the first time in 10 years, the ‘Editors Blurb’ has not been written by Peter Morgan. Peter has retired from the committee to spend more time with Hilary and his Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. Not to mention time on the golf course. A tribute to Peter is given in the AGM report. Peter still remains an active member of TVME and we will no doubt see him and Hilary and their MG’s taking a more relaxed role at many of our forthcoming outings. Peter you can leave your pen and notebook at home from now on. As yet we do not have a fulltime replacement for Peter, but fear not the TVME Newsletter will be there in your inbox every month.

This month we have two article written by two of our newer members, Mark Bates and Clive Thompson. Due to a rather extended AGM report you will have to wait until next month to read Peter Morgan’s report of his northern adventures (Sorry Ed)

This is snipped from e-Newsletter No. 133. Please see your e-mails for the full version